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Movimientos para cambiar la sede y la estructura de la Oficina Scout Mundial-OMMS, Circular 23-2013.-

Circular N° 23 / September 2013

New Structure for the World Scout Bureau
The World Scout Committee has decided to ask all NSOs to endorse its decision by postal vote.


September 2013

Circular N° 23/2013

To: International Commissioners

New Structure for the World Scout Bureau

Dear Brother and Sister Scouts,


During its meeting in Buenos Aires from 21-23 September 2013, the World Scout Committee
(WSC) took the decision to accept a plan from WOSM’s Secretary General, Scott Teare, to
modernise the structure of the World Scout Bureau (WSB). The overall aim of this plan is to
provide better support and service to National Scout Organizations (NSOs) and support WOSM’s
growing membership.
The WSC has decided to ask all NSOs to endorse its decision by postal vote.
Background and process
The WSB serves as WOSM’s secretariat and it provides support to NSOs with the ultimate goal of
delivering better Scouting for more young people. Currently, the WSB operates a total of eight
offices – three offices in Europe (the Central Office in Geneva, the European Regional Scout Office
in Geneva and a satellite office of the European Scout Region in Brussels) and one Regional Scout
Office in cities in each of the other five regions: Cairo, Kiev, Manila, Nairobi and Panama City.
As society, technology, communication habits and Scouting itself have changed over the years,
there has been an increasing perception that the WSB Central Office does not provide sufficient
‘value for money’. This has led to a widespread discussion about the Central Office’s functions and
structure and this has included the question of where it should be located.
Following World Scout Conference resolutions in 2008 and 2011, a considerable amount of time
has been spent looking at ways to modernise and improve the WSB as a whole. This has included
several rounds of consultation with NSOs and the WSC has reviewed a number of options aimed at
improving the level of service provided by the WSB to NSOs and doing so in a more cost effective
At its meeting in Jakarta in March 2013, the WSC approved a shortlist of 7 cities for the future
location of the WSB Central Office. The WSC also decided that a specialist company should be
commissioned to bring the short list of 7 down to 1 city and the Secretary General was given the
authority to make the final decision based upon the specialist company’s recommendation.
The WSC has reviewed the decision making process and accepts that it has been less than ideal.
What the WSC considered to be primarily an operational decision has been seen by a relatively
large number of NSOs as a highly political issue which they believed they should be involved with,
particularly as it entailed the potential change of WOSM’s legal seat.
As a result, the WSC reviewed both the process and the substance of the issue at its meeting in
Buenos Aires in September 2013 and the many suggestions and opinions received from NSOs and
regions were fully considered.

- 2 -
In addition, the Secretary General reminded the WSC that two consultations had been undertaken
with the staff of the WSB Central Office and the responses to these two consultations were taken
into account.
The outcome is that WSC has agreed a new solution, which it believes will better serve the
Movement and also meet the concerns of NSOs in relation to the decision making process.
A New Structure for the World Scout Bureau
The Secretary General’s proposal for a new global operational approach for the WSB comprising the
following elements was agreed by the WSC:
• The Secretary General will introduce a more decentralised structure that moves from
having a single Central Office to one that involves all WSB offices in order to create a global
network of offices linked through virtual infrastructure and capable of serving our growing
Scout population;
• An additional WSB office will be established in Kuala Lumpur which will serve as a shared
service centre for WOSM and will include a number of the functions currently delivered by
the existing WSB Central Office;
• The WSB will retain its legal seat incorporated in Geneva, although the current WSB Central
Office in Geneva (Rue du Pré-Jérôme 5) will be closed.
With this new structure, there will be a dynamic allocation of WSB functions and staff according to
changing needs and opportunities. This allocation will be the responsibility of the Secretary
General, together with his Senior Management Team.
The Secretary General and his team will use all of the locations where the WSB has offices as bases
for meetings with staff, the WSC, NSOs, volunteer working groups and external stakeholders,
according to particular circumstances. It is envisaged that at least one member of the WSB Senior
Management Team and an appropriate number of staff will continue to be located in Geneva
(although not at Rue du Pré-Jérôme 5) and part of their responsibility will be to undertake tasks
related to the WSB having its legal seat in Geneva.
By releasing itself from the construct of a 19th and 20th century organisation, WOSM can become
a genuine ‘World Organization’, operating with agility and reacting swiftly to both the needs of its
member NSOs and Scouting's growing youth membership. Such an approach strengthens the unity
of Scouting and also implies significant cost savings – thus freeing up resources to provide a better
service to NSOs.
Decision making process
The WSC decided by consensus to adopt this new structure for the WSB at its meeting in Buenos
Aires from 21-23 September 2013.
The WSC also agreed by consensus to ask NSOs to endorse its decision by postal vote during
October 2013. The WSC recommends all NSOs to support this decision and to take maximum
advantage of the new possibilities it will create for them. By constantly developing and improving
our offices and systems we will be able to offer better Scouting to more young people, which is our
ultimate goal.
The WSC carefully reviewed concerns that had been raised by part of our constituency with regard
to Kuala Lumpur being one of the WSB’s locations. Prior to the WSC meeting, the Secretary
General had made a due diligence visit to Malaysia to investigate the concerns that had been raised
and the reports obtained from the highest level in many governmental and non governmental
organisations confirm that Kuala Lumpur is well suited as a location for International Non
Government Organisations such as WOSM.
The WSC wishes to record its thanks to the WSB Central Office staff and reconfirms its confidence
in the WSB's senior executives. Since his appointment as Chief Operating Officer, Aidan Jones has
helped the WSC craft its commitment to modernising the organisation of the WSB. Following Scott
Teare’s arrival as WOSM’s Secretary General in January 2013, that work has accelerated and Scott
has taken on the modernisation agenda as his own, demonstrating through his leadership that he
is determined to lead a staff team that properly supports its NSOs and is ready to meet the needs
of a growing worldwide Scouting youth membership.

- 3 -
Endorsement of WSC decision by NSOs
The attached postal vote form provides NSOs with the opportunity to endorse or not the decision of
the WSC. Please return this form, duly signed by an official of your NSO, to the WSB before Friday
25 October 2013. In the same spirit of consensus that prevailed during the WSC’s meeting in
Buenos Aires, if no response is received from your NSO by that date, the WSC will conclude that
your NSO is not opposed.
Yours in Scouting,
Simon Rhee
Chairperson, World Scout Committee
for and on behalf of the following Members of the WSC… and Youth Advisors to the WSC:
• Wahid Labidi, Vice-Chairperson • Felipe de Paulo
• John May, Vice-Chairperson • Esben Holager
• Karin Ahlbäck • Sarah Rita Kattan**
• Abdullah Alfahad* • Vemund Ovesen
• Marcel Blaguet* • Doina Postica
• João-Armando Gonçalves
• Erik Khoo
• Mari Nakano
• John Neysmith
• Dan Ownby
• Oscar Palmquist
• Scott Teare, Secretary General
• Olivier Dunant, Treasurer
• Gilbert Mussumba, Regional Chairperson, Africa Region**
• Youssef Mahmoud Khaddage, Chairperson, Arab Region**
• Shou-Po Chao, Chairperson, Asia-Pacific Region
• Bagrat Yesayan, Chairperson, Eurasia Region
• Andrea Demarmels, Chairperson, European Region
• Leonardo Morales Morales, Chairperson, Interamerican Region
• Lars Kolind, Board Member, World Scout Foundation