jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014

Se reunió el Comité Scout Mundial OMMS del 14 al 16 de Noviembre 2014 en la sede de Kuala Lumpur (Malasia) para estudiar el Plan Trienal 2014-2017, entre otros asuntos.-

World Scout Committee (WSC) meets in Kuala Lumpur for its first full working meeting

25th Nov 2014
From 14-16 November, the WSC met in Kuala Lumpur for the Committee’s first full working meeting of the triennium. It was a hectic 2 and half day long meeting during which we made several key decisions that impact the work of the Committee as we launch into the new triennium.
Triennial Plan 2014-2017
After thorough discussions in both the breakout and plenary sessions, the WSC finalised and approved the contents of the Triennial Plan 2014-2017.
For the implementation of the Triennial Plan the work will be organized around 4 main workstreams (provisional names):
Innovating Scouting encompassing Educational Methods and Youth Engagement
Social Impact and Reaching Out covering Social Impact and Diversity & Inclusion
Image, Partnerships and Engagements including Communications & External Relations
Governance and NSO support
Undergirding these workstreams will be a strong strategic focus that aligns Regions and NSOs with the Strategy for Scouting/Vision 2023 and the Triennial Plan. The full document on the Triennial Plan 2014-2107 will be issued before the end of the year 2014.
Operational framework and individual appointments
The WSC agreed on the Operational Framework that will guide the work in the next 3 years. This includes a number of working groups (linked to the workstreams), task forces (for specific projects) and standing committees (for ongoing issues). Several individual appointments were made for those.. Over the next days these appointments will be confirmed with the respective National Scout Organisations following which the appointments will be affirmed.
WSC Team Charter
The meeting approved the WSC Charter 2014-2017 as the framework on how individual members can contribute to the success of the World Scout Committee. The charter covers four key components of the operation of the WSC:“Purpose of our team”, “How we prepare for and run our meetings”, “Working between meetings and accountability” and “Behavior we commit to”.
Other decisions
The WSC decided on a Conflict of Interest Policy for itself and agreed on dates for all WSC meetings for this triennium. Next year, the WSC will meet in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in March, and in Baku (Azerbaijan), in October. The Conflict of Interest Policy has been put in place in less than 100 days after a Conference Resolution (4/2014) in Slovenia asked the WSC to develop this in quick time. Among other discussions, the Committee has also came up with a roadmap to address issues related to fees and representation, to be worked upon in the near future..
João Armando P Gonçalves
Chairperson, World Organization of the Scout Movement